Action 612: Program of Prisons and Caravans of Human Rights Cinema, Tunisia

Action Association 612 continues to organize many activities and film caravan screenings for the third year in cooperation with the ANHAR network, the International Organization against Torture – Tunisia office, and the General Authority for Prisons and Reforms. Screenings were so successful that the experiment became part of the coming projects and proposals on the relationship between terrorism and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa.

The association contacted Al-Razi Hospital, where dangerous criminals are placed for treatment in the facilities as other ordinary prisoners, in excess of the hospital’s capacity, which poses a danger to other prisoners. A proposal was submitted to treat the escorts of prisoners through cinema, in addition to organizing a series of screenings for training officers.

The association presented a set of filmed materials about “Cinema Caravan” and its activities, as well as films directed by prisoners. This was also a joint event with Karama HRFF Jordan within its thirteenth edition. Wherein the Lebanese film “The Blue Inmates” by Zeina Daccache was screened. The film was followed by a panel discussion in presence of the director and participation of Dr. Muhammad Yousef Bani Hamad, the head of the Development and Training Reform and Rehabilitation Centers in Jordan, and Anas Damra, an activist in issues of people with disabilities.