Full Name in English JACIR
Full Name in Arabic جاسر
Running Time 105 min
Country of Production USA
Date of Production 2021

A Syrian refugee settles in a rough neighborhood in Memphis, TN, where he must navigate new obstacles, especially dealing with his opioid addicted conservative elderly neighbor.

Director Name Waheed AlQawasmi
About the director

Waheed is an Emmy Award-winning director and producer. He has created content for GoDaddy, Cheerios, Reba McEntire, and Zappos through his company, WAFilms. During his tenure with FOX Television, Waheed served as Creative Director, where he undertook launching promotional campaigns for TV shows such as The Following and New Girl. Waheed directed a documentary entitled Lives Restarted. Jacir marks his feature film debut. Born in Amman, Jordan, Waheed immigrated to the USA at the age of 13.