Last May in Palestine

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Full Name in English Last May in Palestine
Full Name in Arabic في العودة إلى هبّة أيّار
Running Time 20 min
Country of Production Palestine
Date of Production 2022

On the 6 of May 2021, Palestinians in East Jerusalem began protesting over the ongoing Israeli ethnic cleansing policies in the city and in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. After a few days, demonstrations spread throughout all of Palestine in a united uprising for two weeks. “Last May in Palestine” is a short documentary in which the journalist Rabeea Eid tells his story of returning from the United Kingdom after the assassination of journalist Shereen Abu-Akleh to Palestine in 2022. Rabeea opens his archives and relives the events of May 2021 that he documented in Haifa and other places.

Director Name Rabeea Eid
About the director

Journalist and writer from Palestine who lives in Brighton – UK. Rabeea holds a degree of Political Science for his bachelors from University of Haifa, and a master’s degree of Media and Cultural Studies from Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and currently he is finishing his second master’s in Journalism and Documentary Practice at University of Sussex. Rabeea’s work focuses on activism, culture and on political and social change movements. “Last May in Palestine” is his first documentary film.