The Ghosts We Left at Home


Full Name in English The Ghosts We Left at Home
Full Name in Arabic أُحِنُّ إلَيْكِ، أُحِنُّ إِلَيَّ
Running Time 21 min
Country of Production Jordan
Date of Production 2020

‘The Ghosts We Left at Home’ is a raw and intimate portrayal of a man, and a city, doomed and in exile, and sinking to hit rock bottom. It plays in the margin of reality, where forces of the masculine and the feminine alternate, merge, attract and repel.

Director Name Faris Alrjoob
About the director

Faris Alrjoob is an inter-disciplinary artist working within the fields of film, video art, and performance. Based in Cologne, where he is currently a post graduate at the Academy of Media Arts, he aims to employ the cinematic language to experiment with aesthetic form and texture, and to explore the politics of identity in a confessional act of benign resistance and self expression – one that is cinematically translated into character studies exploring the tension between social dystopia and sensory utopia.