Shattered: Beirut 6.07


Full Name in English Shattered: Beirut 6.07
Full Name in Arabic شظايا المدينة - بيروت 6.07
Running Time 17 min
Country of Production Lebanon
Date of Production 2020

Two months after the massive explosion that devastated Beirut, the inhabitants of the city are still reeling from the force of the blast and the accumulated evil they have been subjected to for decades. Carol Mansour explored her city in the aftermath of the blast, talking to friends and exchanging reflections on what has happened and its implications on them, in candid unscripted voice note messages. Feelings of helplessness, frustration and overwhelming anger at the political class, permeate this short film as we are taken on a tour of the destruction of homes, livelihoods and lives

Director Name Carol Mansour
About the director

Carol Mansour is an independent documentary film maker. She founded Forward Film Production in 2000 in Beirut, Lebanon. With over 25 years in documentary production, Mansour achieved international recognition and honor for her films, with over fifty film festival screenings and official selections worldwide.

Her films have been screened at several festivals in Europe and North America, winning numerous prestigious awards including most recently, the Best Documentary Award at the Delhi International Film Festival in 2018 and the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Boston Palestine Film Festival, 2017, for her 2017 film “Stitching Palestine”. She was awarded the Best Documentary Award at the Al-Ard Film Festival in Sardegna, and the Women Film Critics Circle Award at Rated SR Festival 2015 in New York, for her 2014 documentary film “We cannot go there now, my Dear”. She was awarded Best Documentary at the Rated SR Festival 2014 in New York, and the Jury’s Special Mention at the FIFOG festival in Geneva for her 2013 film “Not Who We Are”. Her 2006 film “A Summer Not To Forget” received Best Short International Documentary at the New Zealand Festival. She has also won the Jury’s Prize at the Institute du Monde Arab in Paris and Best Documentary at the Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam.