ARMCDH works for the promotion of the culture of human rights through cinema. It targets different audiences and categories through different activities: outreach activities, educational activities and cultural socialization activities, mainly cinema. Its activities are held throughout the year. ARMCDH often screens Mediterranean documentaries and fictions. The Mediterranean region is a place of myths, dreams, hopes, but also a lot of challenges. It is a crossroad of many different cultures. Genuine basin of differences and diversity, the Mediterranean has never ceased to be at the heart of many political projects throughout history. ARMCDH’s choice to focus on the Mediterranean, however, is not an attempt to comfort our dreams of the Mediterranean or serve any political project. We are in the crossroad of political realities and hopes of citizens and societies in the two sides of the Mediterranean. Our goals: 1- Promoting the universality of human rights 2- Contributing to strengthening and increasing resilience to assaults against human rights and democracy 3- Helping identify and encouraging new human rights defenders. .