Al Manaih


Full Name in English Al Manaih
Full Name in Arabic المنايح
Running Time 15 min
Country of Production Jordan
Date of Production 2021

For heavy months, all spectrums of the Jordanian people in all villages and major cities, including the capital, Amman, suffered from the sudden closure of the global Covid-19 pandemic, so people were trapped in their homes.
The director of the film lived a difficult period while he was at home watching life from the window of his house waiting for an unclear hope. And what he achieves from the concept of autonomy, which was embodied in the aggression Saud, the simple shepherd and the educated, through his movement with his sheep between the sides of the houses, so what was left from the director, but he carried his lens to document the exceptional situation, defying him and the shepherd, the conditions of the siege, the closure and the difficulty of filming in such a circumstance in which movement is prevented And wander the streets.

Director Name Mohammad Khabour
About the director

Muhammad Khabur is a Jordanian filmmaker and actor, born in 1987, with a degree He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Hashemite University and is currently working for the Jordanian Ministry of Culture He has been in the field of theater, television and radio acting since 2006 He shot his first short movie using mobile phones in 2011 He wrote and directed his first short fictional film, Mashaa Tariki It won the Best Parallel Film Award at the 2016 Jordan International Film Festival He directed the film Oud Fine at the beginning of 2017 from his own production He has participated in several workshops and courses in filmmaking with the Royal Film Commission – Jordan Muhammad has many documentary films, the last of which was a film about the writer Jamal Naji, and he participated in Mondial Cairo and won the Gold Award, and is currently working on developing the first feature film.