Full Name in English Borderline
Full Name in Arabic بوردرلاين
Running Time 52 min
Country of Production France, Palestine
Date of Production 2020

Borderline takes us on to meet Ivan, Ranim, Taleen, Sari and Abu Sofiane through an immersion in the various places they live in, under occupation. From various musical influences – rap, punk-rock, classical or traditional music – and different generations, the musicians all share a passion for music, a common sense of vital craving for freedom, of sharing their voices and being heard.

About the director

Antoine Bonzon worked in Paris as an editor, after which he moved to Besançon and co-founded the film production company, Kaméléon Production. In 2015, he directed the feature documentary Feet on the Ground. Borderline is his second co-directed feature documentary.

Benoît Bizard worked for five years at JLO Productions as assistant director. His desire for a more ethnological cinema led him to direct self-produced documentaries such as Pelengana Bina, but also Nege Bo and Monstres de femmes. In 2016, he was assistant director to Marc Perroud on the film As Long as the Walls will Stand. He co-wrote and co-directed Borderline.