IBN ALWADI – Son of the Valley

Full Name in English IBN ALWADI
Full Name in Arabic ابن الوادي
Running Time 16 min
Country of Production Jordan
Date of Production 2023

Only 400 meters from the Jordan-Palestinian border, Palestinian refugee and farmer, Mohammad lives on his date plantation. Every night he can see the lights from his birthplace Jericho, which he has been unable to call home for 56 years. From the bottom of his empty farm pool, Mohammad reflects on recent violence in Palestine, as well as the politics of water and its immediate consequences in the Jordan Valley.

Director Name Maite Cintrón Cordero, Isaac Ross Twomey-Madsen
About the director

Maite Cintrón Cordero
Costa Rican masters student of Nordic Urban Planning at Roskilde University. Urban Studies BA Graduate from Leiden University.

Isaac Ross Twomey-Madsen
Danish/Irish student of literature at University of Copenhagen // Communication Intern at The Danish House in Palestine Spring 2024.