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Full Name in English GAZA ATELIER
Full Name in Arabic اتيليه غزة
Running Time 16 min
Country of Production Palestine
Date of Production 2022

In a parallel world, in a small house in Gaza city; a group of mannequins lives with their friend Ahlam who is a beginner fashion designer. All of them are united by their love of fashion, and during planning for the big opening of their atelier, they were surprised by what the city has planned for them.

Director Name Montaser alsabe
About the director

Montaser Al Sabe is a Palestinian filmmaker born in the Gaza Strip in 1987. He has a wide range of experience as a video editor and director for short documentary, drama films and educational series, for TV productions or local and international humanitarian organizations. In 2014, he worked as assistant director and editor for the film “Sara2014”. In September 2017 Montaser worked as filmmaker for UNRWA TV channel in the Gaza Strip, producing series for education in emergencies. In 2015 he took responsibility as executive director of the Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival- Karama Palestine.