R 21 aka Restoring Solidarity


Full Name in English R 21 aka Restoring Solidarity
Full Name in Arabic بكرة رقم 21
Running Time 71 min
Country of Production Palestine, Qatar, Belgium
Date of Production 2022

R 21 (Reel no.21) comes as an addition and a reflection on a collection of 20 films in 16mm format, safeguarded in Tokyo by Japanese solidarity movement with Palestine, it’s an undelivered love letter written by Japanese activist that was lost in the way to Palestinian filmmaker. Fragments of the letter are found throughout the collection and compiled into an imagined structure that reveals itself throughout the film.

Director Name Mohanad Yaqubi
About the director

Mohanad Yaqubi is a filmmaker, producer, and one of the founders of the Ramallah-based production house, Idioms Film. Yaqubi is one of the founders of the research and curatorial collective Subversive Films that focuses on militant film practices, and a founding member of the Palestine Film Institute, that focus on supporting, promoting, and preserving Palestinian cinema, he is a resident researcher at The School of the Art (KASK) in Gent, Belgium since 2017.