Civilization of Equality

Civilization of Equality
Full Name in English Civilization of Equality
Full Name in Arabic حضارة المساواة
Running Time 4 min
Country of Production Qatar
Date of Production 2023

CIVILIZATION OF EQUALITY is a short, stop-motion animated musical reflecting true equality’s beauty. A plethora of well-known and much-loved species join the animal chorus from their respective habitats worldwide. As their individual calls and melodies gradually converge, they harmonize acapella style to deliver a breath-taking song that reminds us that we must live in peace and harmony regardless of who we are or how we look.

Director Name Ibrahim Albuainain
About the director

Ibrahim Albuainain is a writer, art director and filmmaker based in Qatar. He embraced art since childhood, and he always wanted to understand the magic of cartoon animation and stop-motion. He dedicated many years in research and experiments to make animatable puppets. His works focus on promoting positive human behavior and children empowerment. His first stop-motion film “The Last Drop of Oil” (2012) was an official selection in many film festivals such as the Family Film Festival in Hollywood and Douban Film Festival in Seoul. The film won a title at Ras Alkhaimah in 2014. Ibrahim is a grantee at Doha Film Institute for his animated films “Smile You Deserve It” and “Civilization of Equality”