The Human Screen Festival Officially Joins the International Human Rights Film Network

The Human Screen Festival is pleased to announce its official membership in the Human Rights Film Network, representing Tunisia among 54 human rights film festivals worldwide.

The Human Rights Film Network is a leading global platform dedicated to promoting and supporting human rights films, serving as an important platform for exchanging experiences and collaboration among various human rights film festivals around the world.

The inclusion of the Human Screen Festival in the network reflects the festival’s steadfast commitment to promoting a culture of human rights and raising awareness about humanitarian issues through cinematic art.

Through its membership in the network, the festival aims to:

  1. Expand its network of relationships with various human rights film festivals around the world.
  2. Participate in events and programs organized by the network.
  3. Promote Tunisian human rights films internationally.
  4. Contribute to the exchange of experiences and expertise with various network members.

The Human Screen Festival reaffirms its commitment to continue its role as a leading platform for showcasing and supporting human rights films in Tunisia and the Arab world.

The Human Screen Festival-Karama Tunisia, an Actif Association project Announced the ongoing preparations for the Human Screen Festival in September 2024, coinciding with the International Day of Peace. The festival aims to dedicate efforts towards our collective and individual duty to support peace in the Arab region, especially in light of the challenges it faces.