Activities of Karama for Human Rights Films in Jordan and Ma3mal 612 Think Factory

As part of the Ma3mal 612 Talks– Identity and the City series of events, an inspiring dialogue session was organized by Ma3mal 612 Think Factory, where social activist Rawan Al-Zein presented a distinguished discussion revolving around the concept of determining destiny between the individual and society towards change, and the nature of the ability to determine destiny and how to activate it to achieve change.

In the context of future preparations, the Ma3mal 612 Think Factory team organized the “Cinema in Refuge” program, where a trial screening was presented at the think factory’s headquarters, and efforts are underway to organize a series of awareness-raising film screenings with interactive discussions, in Zarqa city and the Syrian refugee camp of al Azraq in collaboration with CARE International and the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders.

These activities reflect the commitment of Ma3mal 612 Production and Think Factory and the Karama Festival team in Amman to promote dialogue and social change in Jordan and the region, reflecting the spirit of dedication and commitment to serving human rights and enhancing a culture of community participation.