screening of Fadia's Tree

A special screening of Fadia’s Tree

In celebration of women’s month, Ma3mal612 Think Factory in collaboration with ANHAR Network and “Identity and the City” program, hosted a special screening of Fadia’s TreeKarama Feather Best Documentary film winner

Fadia's Tree Poster

The female-led award winning documentary follows the relationship between a Palestinian refugee woman and the director and their journey down memory lane, displacement and a significant tree. The screening was followed by a virtual Q&A with film director Sarah Beddington


The 17th annual report on the human rights situation in Jordan-NCHR

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the National Center for Human Rights in Jordan launched its seventeenth annual report on the state of human rights in the Kingdom for 2020, during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Center, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Erhayel Gharaibeh, and Commissioner-General Alaa El-Din Al-Armouti.

During the conference, the most prominent contents of the report were reviewed, whose methodology was based on monitoring policies, legislation and practices from a human rights perspective based on the Jordanian constitution and international standards governing human rights, to be one of the national tools for human rights assessment.

The report included three main axes, namely, the axis of civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights, and the rights of the groups most in need of protection, in addition to a special appendix that includes statistics on the number of complaints received by the Center during the year 2020, distributed according to the right in violation. The report also included basic and detailed recommendations.


Joint event: screening of film “Feathers-Reesh” with Morocco and Amman 27th January – 29 January / 2022

The Egyptian film “Feathers-Reesh” was screened as part of a joint event between the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan and the White Night Festival in Morocco/Rabat. The film “Reesh” has won “Karama Feather Award” for Best Feature Fiction Film. The film won many important awards globally and in the Arab world, such as the Critics’ Week Award at the “Cannes International Film Festival” 2021 in addition to its nomination for the Golden Camera Award, and won the “El Gouna Golden Star” Award for Best Arab Feature Film at El Gouna International Film Festival in Egypt 2021. The film was screened in Rabat for three days, on 27th, 28th and 29th of January 2022, while the event was postponed in Amman due to the weather and heavy snow.

Joint event screening the winning ANHAR award (The Stranger) with Karama HRFF Jordan

The winner of ANHAR Award for Best Arab Human Rights Film 2021 “The Stranger” by Amir Fakher El-Din was screened as a joint event between the Red Carpet Festival – Karama Palestine, ANHAR Network, and Karama Human Rights Film Festival – Jordan in cooperation with the French Institute in Gaza and Ramallah. The Stranger is nominated for the 94th Academy Award representing the State of Palestine. The film’s world premiere was at the 78th Venice Film Festival, which opened in September 2021, where it won the “Edipo Re” award within the category of competing films “Venice Days”, before being screened at the “Palestine Film Days” festival in November of the same year. Then it was screened at the Cairo Festival where the film won the Best Arab Film award, in addition to the “Shadi Abdel Salam Award” within the “International Critics Week” competition, during the closing ceremony of the 43rd session of the Cairo International Film Festival.

Three screenings were held consecutively over five days at the French Institute in Gaza, the French Institute in Ramallah, and Amman – Jordan from 3 till 5 of February, 2022. The first screening, which was held in Gaza, was followed by an online discussion with the film’s director who based in Berlin. The film was screened on Monday, February 7 in Amman, at the creative headquarters of the 612 creative Hub, in the presence of a diverse audience who expressed their admiration and appreciation for the film and the activities of the Ma3mal 612 –Think factory, in preparation for the establishment of a film club that holds periodic screenings that will enrich cinematic activity and continuous awareness of human rights films.

Karama HRFF-Jordan

Karama HRFF 12th edition in Jordan was held under the title “Human Rights in a Virtual World” at the Royal Cultural Center from the 5th to the 12th of December, 2021. 51 films were screened in all genres; documentary, animation, short fiction and feature fiction films, from over 20 countries and from different parts of the world. The Opening took place through cinema of the neighborhood screening as a soft opening on the 2nd of December 2021on the walls of old buildings at Amman Al-Weibdeh area. A group of short fiction, documentary and animated films competing for the “Karama Feather” award were shown on the walls of Jabal Al-Weibdeh in Amman, in order to provide an opportunity for cinema attendance in the city’s streets, as a second experience created by the festival last year during the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic.

This edition was distinguished by holding highly specialized interactive seminars for filmmakers, journalists and youth. The symposium “Human Rights in a Virtual World” raised the idea of human rights in the digital age between individual freedoms and collective domination, moderated by Tariq Hamdan from Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya (MCD).

The festival organized a “Must Meet Meeting” entitled “Film festivals and media coverage: critique and propaganda” in which many media professionals, journalists and human rights activists from Jordan participated, in addition to the presence of festival directors, film directors and critics from Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen. The attendees discussed the mechanism of covering film festivals, how film festivals became a “red carpet” and a review without content, in addition to questions about the transformation of film festival coverage from film criticism to a descriptive narrative only, and the reasons for the absence of this critical media coverage and contentment with superficial media coverage.

The Annual Youth Forum in this edition focused on the topic “Youth Challenges in the Alternative Labor Market”, by discussing various active youth experiences in societies, in addition to participation from specialized guests in this regard, with screening a documentary film in partnership with the Center for Lebanese Studies (CLS) and the Lebanese American University (LAU) on the path of Young people’s journey from education to the labor market.

On the musical level, the festival regularly hosts alternative bands that raise issues of human rights and values. This year the members of the Egyptian “Emdan Al Nour” band were guests and performed a concert within the festival’s nights. It is one of the most important underground music bands for presenting songs that express the concerns, dreams and aspirations of Egyptian and Arab youth.

At the closing ceremony, the Feather Karama Awards were distributed for the winning films at the festival, and the film “The Stranger” by director Amir Fakher El-Din, winner of the ANHAR Prize for the best cinematic work dealing with human rights issues in the Arab world, was shown. The festival continued with the organization of a community communication program and external performances, in order to reach the audience in new places in schools and universities to spread the culture of human rights films.

At the closing ceremony, the Feather Karama Awards were distributed for the winning films at the festival. The film “The Stranger” by director Amir Fakher El-Din was screened as the film won ANHAR Award for the best human rights film in the Arab world. The festival continued with the organization of a community outreach program and external screenings, in order to reach the audience in new places in schools and universities to spread the culture of human rights films.


Karama HRFF Jordan preparing for the 12th edition

In Jordan, The 12th edition of Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2021, started by launching the call for film submissions in the beginning of June 2021. The last date for film submissions is to be 15th of September 2021.

Festival’s preparation are going on steadily from starting to ask for the selected films by the selection committee to reserving the spaces at the Royal Cultural Center and Amman Municipality Hangar, together with agreements of partnership with the Ministry of culture and Amman Greater Municipality. The theme of this year’s edition will be “Human Rights in a Virtual World” in an attempt to open a discussion regarding the drastic changes imposed on the concepts of both; individual and society’s freedom, due to the changes and effects caused by the epidemic of COVID 19. Also, to examine the impact of this new world has had on our interpretation of human rights.

The Karama HRFF 12th edition team is planning for the festival to be  mounted physically in theatres almost as it used to be prior to the epidemic from 5 to 10 of December 2021, as well as holding screenings on the online platform dedicated to ANHAR Network and Karama Platform from 5 to 20 of December 2021. The Festival will host 60 Films from various countries and a set of parallel activities and seminars as well as concerts and art exhibitions and open air screenings on the walls of the old city of Amman. Karama HRFF hopes to hold ANHAR annual meeting in a physical encounter during the festival days.

This year’s film submission is not for free as it used to be, but it is free for the Jordanian films.