Actif: Tunisian Cultural Association for Integration and Training – Presentations and Activities

The Tunisian Cultural Association for Integration and Training “Actif” recently curated a series of culturally enriching events, launching the “Messages to All Women” campaign in honor of International Women’s Rights Day. This initiative aimed to spotlight women’s issues and amplify their presence in the cinematic realm. Female filmmakers showcased their artistic works on Facebook, addressing significant issues faced by women.

Spanning from March 8th to 15th, 2024, the campaign featured works that were evaluated by a specialized judging committee based on positive feedback and quality. The association awarded a prize worth 500 euros to the top winner, making the campaign a compelling platform for artistic expression on women’s issues.

As part of the “Breathe Cinema, Ariana” initiative, the association organized monthly screenings of Tunisian films across cultural and youth venues in the Ariana governorate. Notably, the film “Dear Son” by Tunisian director Mohamed Ben Attia was featured.

Collaborating with the General Directorate for Youth, the association contributed to organizing the “Cinema and Social Responsibility Academy Project” at the “Ali Al-Sakheri” Youth Center in Monastir City. The project aimed to educate youth interested in cinema about screenplay writing and film production, providing valuable insights into social responsibility in filmmaking.