Dying of the light


Full Name in English Dying of the light
Full Name in Arabic موت الضوء
Running Time 5 min
Country of Production Palestine
Date of Production 2008

” Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” Norman Cousins
It is Palestine, the big prison; the illusion of peace, the daily choking, and the thirst for freedom…and still I don’t believe that violence is genetic.
He said ”tell me what does it mean to lose everything when you have nothing at all?! I’m sick of this and I’m out of here…and by the way…what do you mean that I will die?!”…
a desperate \ full of hope, “suicidal” bomber told me once.

إنها فلسطين، السجن الكبير. وهم السلام والاختناق اليومي والتعطش للحرية … وما زلت لا أعتقد أن العنف وراثي. قال: “قل لي ماذا يعني أن تفقد كل شيء عندما لا تملك شيئا على الإطلاق؟! لقد سئمت من هذا وأنا خارج هنا … وبالمناسبة … ماذا تقصد أنني سأموت؟! … أخبرني مفجر “انتحاري” يائس مليء بالأمل ذات مرة

Director Name Amer Shomali
About the director

Amer Shomali uses fine art, digital media and technology as sociopolitical tools for change. After studying at the Van Art School in Canada, he completed an MFA in Animation at Bournemouth, UK. One of the founders of Zan Studios in Ramallah, Amer works as an animator and illustrator of children‚Äôs books, posters, and multimedia productions. His work has been exhibited in galleries across the Middle East and Europe. Amer‚Äôs short film “Dying of the Light” was screened in the UK, Belgium, Lebanon, and Palestine. He was also co-director and animator of “Animated Concerns”, the animated TV series, in Palestine from 2006-2007.