A Home of One’s Own


Full Name in English A Home of One's Own
Full Name in Arabic بيت اثنين ثلاثة
Running Time 79 min
Country of Production Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt
Date of Production 2020

At a time of current upheaval, Ruba leaves Beirut to visit her mother who was exiled during the civil war, and revisit her own fragmented war-torn memory as a child, in search of a “ home”.

Director Name Ruba Atiyeh
About the director

Ruba Atiyeh is a director, writer and researcher. Coming from a Theatre background, Ruba worked for years on the theme of displacement and estrangement, for which she was awarded as a writer and actress. Ruba designed and held drama workshops with second and third generation immigrants; and estranged youth groups, that came out with collective plays. She holds seminars and study groups on demographic engineering, ethnicity and sectarianism. Ruba holds a BA in Dramatic Arts from Al-Yarmouk University- Jordan, and an MA in Documentary studies from Goldsmiths College, London. She made several documentaries for commissioners.
Ruba teaches filmmaking at the Lebanese University, and has been a mentor for emerging documentary filmmakers from Syria and Lebanon. A Home Of One’s Own is her first authored creative documentary. Recently, Ruba has founded her own production company CeeFilm Beirut. The company focuses on producing films and publications that bring suppressed narratives to light