Miaser and Uri

Full Name in English Miaser and Uri
Full Name in Arabic ميسر وأوري
Running Time 46 min
Country of Production Palestine
Date of Production 2022

A love story like none other, Miasser Abu Ali is a Palestinian woman married to an elder Israeli man Uri Davis. they explore the attitudes and beliefs of men and women in a process full of tension and humor and suspense. Their relationship allows them to discover which of the two sides is more tolerant, as they find out truths about the reality of cultural identity of the country.

Director Name Sawsan Qaoud
About the director

Palestinian filmmaker Sawsan Qaoud was born in Nablus, Palestine, and obtained a master degree in Media TV Production from Moscow University and Cardiff University. She worked as a TV Producer and director with several TV stations before opening up Smart Frame Company, the first production house in Palestine. In 2013 with other talented Palestinian producers, she formed the company Mashahid for Art and Film Production; a company which produces films and collaborates on film projects with other filmmakers. Over the years she has produced and directed documentaries on a wide range of cultural and social topics that have gone on to film festivals.