The Whistle

Full Name in English The Whistle
Full Name in Arabic الصافرة
Running Time 5 min
Country of Production Iraq
Date of Production 2022

Three children want to hunt, attend World Peace Day celebrations, they hunt for the symbol of peace.

Director Name Adil Abdolmajeed Yusf
About the director

Born in 1987 in Iraq City – Duhok, Adil graduated from Duhok Institute of Arts and Fine Arts in 2011, and from the College of Arts, Department of Drama in 2015. As a writer and film and theatre director, his work includes the short films (Shadow) 2018, (SPINNING top) 2019, (Read) 2021, (The Last Apple) 2021 and (The Whistle) 2022. He also worked on a book of eleven short stories entitled (Third Cradle) and directed the following theatre plays: Rebellious Clown 2009, Empty Majority 2010, The Traveler at the Moment 2011, Divorce Judge 2013, and Death Coffee 2015.