Memory is a Dying Horse

Full Name in English Memory is a Dying Horse
Full Name in Arabic الذاكرة حصان يحتضر
Running Time 28 min
Country of Production Canada
Date of Production 2021

Trying to freeze time is an illusion. Whatever we do, life unfolds in one direction. Memory is a dying horse is yet another desperate attempt to challenge the irreversibility of time. A sparse, raw, somehow childish collage of reminiscences filmed on Super 8 between Syria, France and Canada. The whole is accompanied by musical explorations.

Director Name Samer Najari
About the director

Samer Najari lived in Damascus until he moved to Montreal in 1994. He has obtained a BFA in film production at Concordia University in 2000 and completed a residency at Le Fresnoy in France in 2003. His short films and feature film have been presented and prized in different international festivals.