Summer, City and a Camera


Full Name in English Summer, City and a Camera
Full Name in Arabic صيف، مدينة وكاميرا
Running Time 23 min
Type of film Documentary
Country of Production Syria
Date of Production 2022

Summer 2021, in Damascus city, some young emerging directors roamed the city’s streets to follow their dreams and shoot their first movies with the simplest available tools. so, the city would open her arms and hug them day and night with her streets and neighborhoods.

Director Name Anas Zawahri
About the director

Anas Zawahri is a Palestinian who was born in 1987 and lives in Syria. Independent Filmmaker, Editor, and Graphic Designer, he graduated in 2009, from the department of Interior design in Damascus Intermediate Institute “DTC”. He participated in several workshops about cinema, made many experimental works and video art and translated up to 155 rare classical movies into Arabic. He works as an editor and content creator in the field of cinema and for multiple online platforms.